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Calculatem Pro 5.4

Calculates the poker odds in online Texas Hold'em games
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Connects to an online service and analyzes your odds at Texas Hold'Em tables. Add the info from the hands if you know them and the odds will be displayed with maximum accuracy possible for each hand as well as the recommended operations to take and probability.

Poker players know first hand how indispensable Calculatem ProTM is to an online bankroll. It automatically reads your cards and table play, breaking down every possible scenario in real-time and instantly giving you exact poker odds to win in every situation.
Most odds calculators work by randomly dealing the outcome thousands of times and averaging out the results (the Monte Carlo method). That's not nearly enough in poker.
Calculatem Pro™ has improved on the basic hand odds most calculators provide with the most sophisticated mathematical algorithms available. A player still in a hand when others have folded no longer has any random poker hand.
Calculatem Pro™ uses a proprietary predictive algorithm to give weight to your opponents' likely hands in every scenario and determines the exact probability you have the best hand. And not just on the river, like most calculators, but with every single card.
Advice is then given based on both immediate probability AND future probability, and of course adjusted according to your position and number of opponents. It makes all the difference.
Calculatem Pro™ predictions are just plainly more accurate; if Calculatem Pro™ says you have a 75% chance of winning a hand, you will find you take about 3 out of every 4 of those pots. You simply have better, more accurate information at your immediate disposal to make quicker, more accurate decisions. And it always pays off.
♠ Instantly know the chances that your hand will win
♠ Adjusts advice based on your preferred playing style
♠ Works with 250 poker rooms

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